Guest Chef Eric Gardner Dinner August 30, Friday 7:00-9:00

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Guest Chef Eric Gardner Dinner August 30, Friday 7:00-9:00


Appetizer: Double Tomato Bruschetta

Salad: Di Rinforzata (cauliflower & olives)

Intermezzo: Uovo in Purgatorio (eggs cooked in sauce)

Pasta: Tomato Alfredo Sauce w/Angel Hair

Entree: Chicken Chianti

Dessert: Strawberry Mascarpone Budini

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Eric Gardner joined KOTA Territory News in December, 2002 as meteorologist.

He hails from Ft. Worth, Texas and has worked in Montana and Wyoming before coming to Rapid City.

But you probably know Eric more for his food and wine segments on KOTA-TV. His Cooking with Eric show started in 2005, with Eric's Wine Minute closely following in 2006.

Eric hosts Grilling with Eric during the summer, and also hosts numerous community food and wine events.

As far as cooking, Eric's goal is to share recipes that are easy to prepare with ingredients that can be purchased in Rapid City.

But each of his recipes has a little twist, either a "secret ingredient" or a unique preparation that makes it stand apart.

You can watch Eric Monday through Friday on Good Morning KOTA Territory and on KOTA Territory News at Noon, as well as the various food and wine shows airing periodically throughout the week.