Our Concept

Fork Real is a non-profit Pay-What-You-Can community cafe that offers a welcoming environment and fresh farm-to-table meals dedicated to real people, real food and real conversations.

What is Fork Real?

We are a "pay what you can" cafe. We serve lunch 5 days a week at, 324 St Joe from 11am to 1:30pm. We emphasize three main concepts: 

  • People: Anyone and everyone in the community is invited to enjoy a home-style meal in a welcoming environment regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Food: Enjoy nutritious food using locally grown produce in a "farm to table" model building a stronger community.

  • Conversation: Whether your sitting at a table for two or at our community table, food is the avenue for conversation.

What is Pay-What-You-Can?

The "pay what you can" concept allows customers a variety of options to pay for their meal. Patrons can:

  • Pay the value of the meal

  • Pay it forward my paying a little more or by paying for someone else’s meal or purchase a meal token

  • Volunteer in exchange for a meal

This concept is modeled after One World Everybody Eats, an organization which has a network of over 60 cafes operating throughout the United States. Some of these cafes include:

Fork Real Mission and Vision

Our vision is to have a pay-what-you-can cafe where we serve people from all walks of life.

Our mission is to build community using food and conversation through a pay-what you can cafe model.

What kind of food is served?

We offer some of everything, from homestyle chicken alfredo, to wholesome quinoa bowls to scrumptious slices of chocolate jalapeno cheesecake. We believe in "slow food" that is healthful and delicious, giving patrons the opportunity to nourish their lives and community. Our menu changes daily to accommodate seasonal features, promote sustainability, and minimize food waste. Grain-free and dairy-free options are always available. 

Fork Real partners with local food growers in the Black HIlls in order to have fresh and flavorful ingredients. See our partners section for more information.